this is what i know
post coffee
pre pina colada(s)

that moment when you sit down next to a woman at a small little off the beaten path tiki bar where they serve drinks with tiny little umbrellas and say yeah, mon, and treat you like you’re the most special human on the planet and the woman, who you’re sitting next to, seems like one of your own — a tribe member — or at the very least, someone you could shop with, drink with, say fuck around, and you get into a conversation about trump, and she says, while you’re sipping out of a straw so thick it could double as a water pipe, that we need to give trump a chance, and no, she’s not a trump supporter but she really believes that it’s important, wholly important, to respect and honor the incoming president of the united states, that moment when you’re mid swallow — you spit out all the pina colada that’s swishing around in your mouth back into the glass — and turn to her, and say with as much grace and as much calm as you can possibly muster: have you ever been in a relationship where the person shows you their true colors — mostly all dark colors, grey and black and navy — on maybe the first date — right up front — the way they treat a wait-person, or how they demean someone, or how they talk about someone of color — or maybe not on the first date, maybe in the first few weeks or month and you keep thinking, saying, hoping that person is gonna change, that he or she is really not a bigot or that vulgar or that horrifically mean and you make excuses for the black and blue marks, and the swollen eye and you start using a ton of cover up one shade darker than usual and you buy bigger sunglasses with darker lenses, and you give them chance after chance after chance after chance after chance because that’s what you believe love is — you believe love is mean and hard and nasty and that somewhere in you, somewhere deep in you, you believe you deserve all that mean and nasty and hard — and the next thing you know, you’re standing before a judge with your lawyer, or a lawyer, demanding a restraining order because yes, yes, god fucking yes, you fear for your life. and you stop talking and exhale, and turn from her, the woman sitting next to you, and go back to sipping your pina colada and that woman taps you on the shoulder and says in a whisper: yes, i have. i have been in a relationship like that, and you’re right. he is that man. yes, he is. yes. and then pays for your drink and tells you that you look a little like — remind her of — meryl streep, and you smile a big smile and ask her if she saw the golden globes speech and she shakes her head, no, and you show meryl’s speech on your iPhone and she gets emotional and tears up and says this: he is such a motherfucker, you’re so right, thank you, really, really, thank you.

that moment when your initial instinct was right on the money. 
a shopping, drinking — says the word fuck — kindred spirit buddy.

have a grand day. 
love yourself good.
be kind.
be generous
make a ruckus.
make art.
speak your truth.
stand tall.
don’t let the bad guys win.