Tripped into a puddle leaving the hospital, rain.

Embryonic infant, FAS brain, momma’s gettin’ drunk, rain.

My seventh graders say I’m the shit . . . on their shoe’s sole.

Demystified Shakespeare but the punks defied my reign.

Lights flicker while cats fuck, quarrel outside my window.

Alone in my catacomb, bunk-er, renounce the rain.

Justify homelessness, enunciate “optimist”.

Reconfigure the state, I have vagrant spunk, fucking rain.

Obscure all amity, writing is for starved artists.

Ironic cliché: I’m hooked on junk, heroin reigns.

He spit words, “ugly, hairy”, not a perfect specimen.

Can’t weep and drive, I am a skunk in headlights, blood rain.

Illustrate me on a patch of sky, beloved, blithe.

Eternal admiration is the truest lie.

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