Are we all different or all the same?
Kate Brodock

I have a computer science degree, and I have touched code, sometimes daily. Because of my strong communications skills, I also have had “soft” roles, including — gasp! — marketing. If you think it’s a struggle to establish your credibility as an engineer dealing with your male counterparts, I can only encourage you to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day. We are all in tech, we all have something to contribute, and we all deserve to be respected for our intellect and experience.

And on behalf of janitors, I’d like to share this observation: I volunteer in a healthcare setting. I have zero education in any healthcare-related discipline. But many of the patients who interact with me think that because I have a badge I must know something. I have learned that in a hospital setting, everyone — from janitors to volunteeers to chief surgeons — is in healthcare. At the setting where I volunteer, the janitors are trained on topics like patient privacy and disease prevention. They deserve respect, too.

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