Who do you want to become in 2016, and more importantly… why?

Happy New Year!

Now that the fresh new year is officially here -and we all have a big dose of self-improvement on the brain- many of us are focused on the space between where we are now, and where we want to be in our lives. And sometimes, that can seem daunting, especially if your intentions are based on “surface gains.” So before you embark on your cleanse and/or dedication to get rid of bad habits, it’s important to realize that all acts of moving forward are inside jobs, and begin with some soul searching.

This is what I’ve been contemplating…

As I sit with the ideas that I have for all the amazingness that I want to infuse into my life, I’m also thinking about who I want to become and why.

I want to become the best version of myself yes… but what does that actually look and feel like? I want to see a me who is engaging regularly in activities that keep me centered, happy, and pushing boundaries, while spending time with people who lift me up and vice-versa. I also know that incorporating these intentions into specific, measurable goals, and actively visualizing what a typical day-in-the-life will look like as I transform, is paramount to success. Visualizing what my version of success feels like, allows me to connect with that feeling of content long before I’ve done the work- which in turn makes the goal feel super attainable.

I’ve also been focusing on the why’s behind my resolutions, which allows me to go deep, and do the work that’s necessary to create a life that is aligned with the most authentic version of myself. Why am I pursuing meaningful work in the first place? First and foremost- because I want to be increasingly happier in my soul, and share that joy by positively influencing my daughter. I want to become a better person so that I can continue to inspire others to live passionately. These are the sentiments that will help me to remember why it’s so important that I keep doing the work that I’m doing.

When considering your goals, think about what the story is that you want to be telling about yourself, and what is the legacy you want to leave behind? Is it a story of drama and struggle, or is it one of compassion and triumph over adversity? Create an elevator speech based on who you are becoming, repeat it often — and make it a good one.