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This is the second part in a series about my post-bootcamp job search. In this post, I’ll share my job application strategy and some context on why I approached things in that way. The first part of the series is here.

Myself As An Applicant

By the time I started seriously applying to jobs in December of 2018, there were a few constraints on my job search:

  1. I was working from home full-time, but my TA shifts often occurred at night and on the weekends. These work shifts often conflicted with Meetups that I would have liked to attend to build my Denver network.
  2. My professional network in Denver/Colorado was limited by the fact that I’d been working from home full-time and in a different field for the past few years. …

This is the first part of a series about my job search after graduating from a web development bootcamp. I’m sharing my experiences in the hope that they might be helpful to others making the change into a career in tech.

A Bit About Me

This series will be informed by my previous experiences as a professional, my motivations for pursuing software engineering as a career, and how I approached looking for my first dev job. …

Finding the kth to the last node in a linked list

The Problem

I’ve been solving challenges on Codewars most days lately, and today I thought I’d take a stab at an algorithm from Interview Cake (I signed up for their free 7-day email course to get a feel for it). Here’s what the problem required:

Write a method kth_to_last_node() that takes an integer k and the head_node of a singly-linked list, and returns the kth to last node in the list.

I read the prompt a couple of times and felt overwhelmed by questions like “How will I go backwards in a singly-linked list?!” and “How will I know where the end of the list is?!” before settling down and thinking through an approach to the problem. (If it wasn’t clear, I struggle sometimes at first glance with the abstract nature of algorithms — I have since I was first exposed to them in college — and this was no exception.) …


Amy Henning

Full-Stack Developer and Educator

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