Why I still listen to Gospel even as a non-believer

I had a thought today while I was listening to some music, that to many people, God must be empathy.

When you believe in a higher power, you understand how it flows in you, me, and everyone on his earth. Being bound to the same dynamics, across you, me, and everything we see means that we establish a point of common understanding.

It is a unique opportunity for pandemic empathy that is so lacking in the nonbelieving world. I say this not as a mission, an imposer, or a believer. Simply that believing and absorbing the omnipresence of God is one (of potentially many) channels for understanding the commonalities across everyone and everything: the powers of life flow in everyone.

Maybe that’s why lately I’ve been listening to that Lion King song, “He Lives in You” on repeat. Or why I cry to Gospel music even if I had never seriously attended a church in my life. These songs speak volumes to me, not necessarily because of a book I read that we call the Bible, but because finally, finally, somebody acknowledged this universal point of commonality among the living and put its truth into words and its power into song.

TLDR I still think Gospel is amazing.

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