picture taken 1 week prior (and with zero relativity) to post date.

Connecticut -> Florida -> Cuba

We’re supposed to wake up at 6am tomorrow to drive to Richmond, VA so we can pick up my sister, so we can drive to Savannah, GA to stretch our legs, so we can make it to St Augustine, FL in time to kiss that little niece as an in between pit stop before we get to Port Orange where we can impatiently count down the minutes until 3:15pm at which point in time we will be back to a family of 3 accompanied by my absolute favorite miniature version of you, so that we can drive to Tampa to watch my (other) sister get married in the park while we stand by her side where i’ll cry because everyone I love most will be there, before you kiss our favorite freckled cheeks that look just like yours goodbye for one too many times, so that i can drop you off the at the airport to get back to help the movers pack up the house, while i stay and wait outside the hospital room for the nurse to tell me my best friend just brought a human into the world, just in time for you to get back on a plane and meet me and the dog in Jacksonville where we’ll take one last flight and land in Cuba for the next foreseeable three years.

But of course, I can’t fall asleep.

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