This Mother’s Day I wanted to write and share something for my mama, especially because we won’t be together. Beene, my brilliant 80yr old mother, is currently traveling through China with her 85yr old boyfriend. They’re on an incredible adventure, and I am continually inspired by her zest and willingness…

My father had a distinctive voice. It had a kind of intensity. It was naturally domineering and controlling. It was demanding. It felt like he was yelling even when he wasn’t.

One fall day in the late ‘80s he and I were in my ridiculous-looking used white Saab 900 headed…

What the..?

One year and three days after my first (nearly only) post to, my father passed away. I’ve written other entries, but the impetus for that blog was about finding a place, and a way, for me to process the ravages of illness and loss. As it turned out, the…

Amy Ilyse Rosenthal

Notes to self, and other stuff.

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