We need to talk about this wallpaper. For reals.

(A short story of conducting Task Analysis.)

Discovering the problem
We’ve acquired the most awesome apartment on 17th and Guerrero in the mission, SF. Unfortunately it needs some serious TLC. The walls are solid; the decor, less so. Actually, most of the rooms are fine, but the lounge is shedding more layers than a snake with leprosy. It needs fixing, and we are all agreed this is a solution we need to make happen ASAP.

Define the problem
It’s just the lounge so we figure its something we can fix. The solution is clear: we need to strip it all back and re-decorate it with something that isn’t mouldy, shredded or floral.

We now need to conduct some task analysis to figure out the pathway for getting from A → B.

Potential roadblocks to success:
 — MONEY. We are but poor design students and the rent is high AF, this could be too expensive so we need to keep costs down
 — APPROVAL. We are all agreed we want this to go ahead, but we need the landlord to approve the works, if he doesn’t grant permission we may need to pursue another approach such as with-holding rent or looking for a new place.
 — DELIVERY. Landlord may stipulate that it is done in a certain style (euw no more florals) or conducted by professionals ($$$$$)

Luckily, we roll a 6. The landlord is in a good mood and grants permission, however the actual papering must be done by a professional to a high standard. He will cover the cost of the labour up to a value of $X but we must pay for decorating materials ourselves.

Designing the solution: Research phase
At this point there are a few things we need to consider:
 — How long will the task take?
 — How much do the materials cost? How much can we fix the budget at?
 — Who will pay the upfront cost? How will the other roomies repay them?
— Can we find labour within the budget?
— Is it possible to strip the wallpaper ourselves and prep the wall, keeping the cost of labour down?
 — What colour wallpaper should we choose? Um, Scandinavian Grey, OBVS. So Hygge right now. We will create a Pintrest board to compare exact shades of grey.
 — when is a decorator available?

Delivering the solution
Now we’ve done the research we can fix the budget for materials at $Y which we will split between all the roomies. Dean just got paid and is feeling baller. He is going to pay the upfront costs for materials and we will Venmo him the money back.

The landlord allows us to subtract the agreed cost of labour from our rent (with proof of reciepts) so we won’t be out of pocket.

We move all the furniture out, strip the walls and prepare them for redecorating.

We book a decorator to come in the following day, and he does his thing.

And finally we have a beautiful room, to relax and enjoy living in.

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