Thinking About Hillary — A Follow-up
Michael Arnovitz

I just want to thank you for writing these two articles about Clinton. Your reasoned information is reflects my information what I know of the facts. In my personal circle, I’m somewhat in the minority and my opinions in favor of Clinton and against Trump are met with a great amount of disdain.

The arguments against Clinton are conveyed with an inordinate amount of emotion, rather than with reason and facts. And, invariably, I’m the one who is looked upon as being naive for stating that there is more to an issue than what meets the eye.

As an aside, I love American history…the President who I admire most — Truman. Why? It’s simple — his philosophy: “The buck stops here.” He was took responsibility for every decision that he made — right, wrong, or indifferent. He understood and explained that he made decisions based upon information that he was privy to as president. Every decision is based upon many layers of information. And so before one can jump to conclusions about those, decisions, one must be presented with ALL of the facts.

That’s what I want — the facts. I want to really understand what all the criticisms are about regarding the woman who I believe will be the next President of the United States. I applaud you for your article and hope that you will write more articles like these. While I doubt that you’ll really change the mind of a Trump supporter — not a reflection of your work — I hope that you will continue set the record straight and, selfishly, give me the facts I need to set the record straight in my circle.

So, you have a new fan…I look forward to reading more of your articles.

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