Two Ways to Convert PDF to JPG

Finding a truly efficient and genuine PDF to JPG Converter is not an easy task because there are many programs online. Some of these programs run slow, some are expensive, some are embedded with Malware while others may not be genuine. Trying out each of these programs will be tiring and time-consuming. This article will present to you the two most reliable ways to convert your PDF files to JPG to help you in saving your precious time.

The Two Most Reliable Ways to Convert PDF to JPG:

There are essentially two primary options for you when it comes to PDF to JPG conversion. These are the offline PDF to JPG converters and online PDF to JPG Converters. This article will disclose to you the advantages and features of each to help you pick out the best option.

Online PDF to JPG Converters:

Some of the pros and cons of using an online PDF to JPG Converter are:-


· Easy to Use: Online PDF to JPG Converters are pretty simple to use and can work on any computer connected to a stable online network.

· No File Downloads Needed: With the online PDF to JPG Converter, you do not need to download or install any files. Just upload your PDF files to the cloud server and wait to get your JPG files.

· Cloud Conversion: With online PDF to JPG Converters, the extraction process of your images from PDF takes place in the cloud. As a result, the capacity of your computer is not drained at all.

· Works on All Operating Systems: An online PDF to JPG converter runs in a browser. Therefore, the software can operate on any Operating System. Whether you are using Mac, Linux or Windows; you are covered.


Stable Internet Connection Required Constantly: Online PDF to JPG Converters need a fast and stable internet connection to function.

File Compatibility Issues: Online conversion websites may fail to recognize some of the uploaded PDF files if they are too big.

Privacy and Security Concerns: Uploading your PDF files online may expose you to confidentiality and security risks like plagiarism and virus attack.

Offline PDF to JPG Converter:

You can download the most reliable offline PDF to JPG Converter from or from

Some of the advantages and cons of offline PDF Converters are elaborated below.


· More Secure: With offline PDF Converters, your PDF files are not uploaded to any online server. Because the conversion happens on your desktop, the security and privacy of your PDF files are guaranteed.

· No Internet Connection Required For Conversion: You will only need a stable internet connection to download the offline PDF to JPG Conversion software. After that, you can convert your PDF files to JPG without using the internet.

· No Restrictions on the Number of Conversions: Most online converters limit the number of conversions one can do in a day. In fact, some online converters will charge you for doing other conversions beyond the designated daily limit. Fortunately, with offline converters, you can do as many conversions as you may want daily.

Final Takeaway

Offline PDF Converters have many advantages compared to online versions. Once downloaded and installed, you have the freedom to convert your PDF files to high-quality image formats for instance TIF, PNG, BMP and JPG in fast speed. No undesired plugins, no license, and no additional file installation are needed. Check out this video for further guidance on installation