Update on my preparation for Police application

Certificate in Knowledge of Policing

I am making great progress with my CKP course. After nearly 2 months from starting the course I am already on module 9 out of 10, 5 assessments passed so far, with my last online one which I will complete tomorrow. Then it’s onto the final module with an assessment day to attend.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, I feel I have learnt a lot so far, and I already know what field (s) I would like to specialise in (trafficking, hate crime) I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of joining the Police service. Although some forces do not require you to have this before application, I feel it is a good course to have on any CV for someone interested in Policing.

My notes made through modules 1–9, including a book on Legislations for my CKP
Mnemonics for my CKP

Blue Light Consultancy

Along with my CKP course I have signed onto Blue Light Consultancy, after being recommended this by a retired police officer for Greater Manchester.

This course helps with the application form process for the Police, and it helps you prepare for the assessment centre, with interview and role play preparation.

I have already completed a draft for the competency part of the application form which I have sent to Brendan (Blue Light Consultancy) so I am just waiting to receive this to look at what parts need improving.

This is an excellent way for preparation for myself, from my previous interview for Derbyshire PCSO my competencies had room for improvement. With this I also have a seminar day to attend in September time, which I am looking forward to. This will consist of preparation for the assessment centre (interviews and role plays)

Blue Light Consultancy on Twitter

I still have a lot of work to do before Greater Manchester commence recruitment, I am looking forward to what the next couple of months has in store.

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