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Saving money isn’t easy.

If it were, we’d all have thousands of pounds sitting in our savings account, and companies like Wonga wouldn’t exist.

The truth is that most of us are pretty crap at saving. But I’m not here to shame you because there is no formal education on personal finances and if you’re not taught something — how are you meant to know how to do it?

However, saving our money is an essential part of our financial health and whether you want to go on holiday, save a deposit for a house or buy your dream car, sometimes saving just 5% of our salary doesn’t cut it. …

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Moving in with your partner is an exciting step in your relationship that can be simultaneously amazing and terrifying.

No matter how much time you previously spent with them, living and being responsible for a property together adds a new level of stress to a relationship because you’re no longer just spouses — you’re cohabitants.

Don’t get me wrong, living with your boyfriend/girlfriend is marvellous, can strengthen your relationship and be a lot of fun. However, there’s a lot of shit that no one talks about.

Below are just some of the brutally honest things I’ve learned about living with another human being.

Compromise is key

It’s a cliche for a reason. You’ll both bring your habits from your old home, and they don’t always match each other. In fact, they rarely do. You both need to make compromises and even better, create new habits and traditions together. …

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Owning property wasn’t on the top of my bucket list, I’ll be honest.

I was too busy worrying about getting through my A-Levels and finding a job after university. Getting on the property ladder was always one of those pipe dreams that I never really thought about seriously until I was walking into the flat I now call my own.

Even when I was booking the viewing, I wasn’t seriously thinking about buying it. I was turning 23 in a week — there was no way someone my age would be able to afford a property in St Albans. Not on my salary. Not me.

Well, as you can probably tell from the title, I did it. Not on my own, admittedly, but two 23-year-olds on salaries less than 25k purchased their very own property. But how? …

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I’m guilty of letting my focus drift during the 9–5 grind because no matter how much you enjoy your job — it’s easy to let technology distract you.

Letting a work chat over Skype turn into chit-chat or drifting from your research to check how many people like your latest tweet are realities of the modern day workplace and if unmanaged, can turn into a lot of wasted time.

Luckily, as a pro-procrastinator, I’ve spent lots of time testing methods to improve my focus on the tasks at hand and increase my productivity.

They’re not fool-proof and require lots of self-discipline, but below are some straightforward techniques to improve your focus at work. …

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You can do it.

It’s coming up to that magical time of year where everyone spends a month and a half stressing to make one day ‘perfect’.

I’m not exactly running any fan clubs for Christmas, but I understand that for many, it’s an important time of the year. Especially for couples.

Learning how to ‘do’ Christmas as a twosome can prove quite difficult and if I’m honest, there’s a fuck ton of pressure put on new couples in particular. Where will you spend it? When will you meet the family? Who do you need to buy presents for? …

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Many people would consider me a Scrooge.

I’m just not the Christmas type. I don’t get excited about the festive season and it’s not because I’m cynical or a grump, I just have a few issues that give other people reason to believe that I hate it.

And here are my reasons.

1. Gift-giving gets way too out of hand.

I no longer do gifts. My family have agreed on a ‘no presents’ rule for both birthdays and Christmas. So I definitely don’t get involved with the distant family, friends I don’t really care about or secret Santa.

I don’t want the added stress of thinking of something to get you, you don’t want to pretend to care about the Lynx gift set that I unwillingly picked up in Boots because it was cheap and easy to wrap. …

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When it comes to relationships, there are hundreds of things you could call your other half. That’s one. There’s also bae, hun, sweetie, ball and chain (jk, I hate that), boyfriend, girlfriend… you get the picture.

They all have their own meaning, and they all say something about your relationship. For me, I choose to call James my partner.

I’ll be honest, I don’t give a shit what anyone calls their other half and you shouldn’t either. It’s a personal choice that really has no effect on anyone else but the two (or more) people in the relationship.

For me, partner works best and here are a few reasons why. …

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Hands up if you have thunder thighs?🙋🏻‍

Okay, I don’t know how many people raised their hand, so I’m just gonna assume that someone did and continue with this post.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big thigh hater. They hold up my huge arse and look banging in skinny jeans. However, sometimes they really suck.

I’ve fluctuated between a size 8 to a 16 but, one thing that has stayed the same throughout my whole life ­– my legs. No matter what size my waist has been, my legs have always been bigger, I am literally #bornthisway.

So, I’m here to talk the raw truth about a life living with juicy, cellulite covered, jiggly thighs. …

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Yes, I want to tell the internet how I lost my virginity.

Before I jump into the ins and outs (sorry, I couldn’t resist) of the day itself, I best give you some background. I was 15, the year was 2010, and I’d been with my boyfriend, James, for three months.

I can’t paint the story as one of romance, innocence, and perfection — because that would be a lie.

This was not a good relationship.

Firstly, we only started ‘going out’ after a great plan concocted by someone on the bus to get James a girlfriend had somehow worked.

Secondly, we didn’t really have much in common. Instead of having interesting conversations about whatever it was teenage Amy was excited about, we would just say ‘I love you’ every five minutes. …

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It’s going to be hard.

For my final two years at University, I was in a long distance relationship with my (now) ex-boyfriend. We were only 90 miles apart, but it was definitely a challenge and tested our relationship time and time again.

I’ve also witnessed a lot of my friends struggle and succeed through it. Basically, it is possible, despite what Ed Sheeran’s UNI would have you believe.

So here is some advice from someone who knows.

1. Communication is key

Cliché for a reason, but you need to tell each other everything you’re feeling. My ex and I made sure that even if it was awkward, we‘d talk about feeling down or when it was getting hard because otherwise, resentment builds up and then the precious time you have together is filled with negative vibes. …


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