A Stronger Jewish Future. Together.

Most young Jews are proud to be Jewish, but for many of them Judaism seems to be a dated artifact rather than a relevant, vibrant source of wisdom.

Clarifying their values and finding the path to living a successful life can be perplexing. Do they draw on the wealth of their own heritage? Or do they pull from academia, psychology or other traditions to find what they believe their own tradition lacks?

At the heart of many conflicted Jews lies their suspicion that Judaism’s wisdom cannot speak to the issues of the modern world. It is this lack of familiarity and disconnection with our roots that poses the greatest risk to our future.

This is why, for the first time in history, the State of Israel is investing in the Diaspora — through Mosaic United — to help build a thriving worldwide Jewish community that will ensure the future of our people.

It is a true honor for me to serve as CEO of Mosaic United and work with an impressive steering committee that includes some of the most committed and effective philanthropists in the Jewish world. Our vision is an inspired, empowered Jewish people connected to each other and the State of Israel.

Making this vision a reality is a daunting job. We simply cannot do it on our own. We must work together, as a people. As history has shown, from the founding of the State of Israel, to rescuing Soviet Jewry, to the homecoming of Ethiopian Jews, we can achieve miraculous outcomes when Diaspora and Israeli Jews unify and pool their unique talents, leaders and resources. When we act as one, we become more than the sum total of what we are.

It is our hope that Mosaic United acts as a catalyst bringing together a powerful and passionate coalition of visionary philanthropists, dynamic organizations and the State of Israel to inspire, connect, and empower young Jews.

Mosaic United is not trying to reinvent the wheel. So much of this critical work is already being done by dedicated Jewish organizations, professionals and philanthropists. Mosaic United seeks to partner with these innovators. Our goal is to dramatically expand their impact.

Through our collaboration, we will reach young Jews everywhere. They deserve to be touched by the power of a unified Jewish approach, and what it can do for their future.

Mosaic United’s objectives are:

  • To enable Jewish youth and young adults worldwide to become active participants in the Jewish world, with a strong connection to Israel, by experiencing their heritage; their people; and Israel;
  • To significantly increase the number of Jews, between the ages of 13 and 35, engaging and re-engaging in a wide array of meaningful and impactful programs;
  • To use technology to engage with young Jews, providing content and connection on platforms they already use;
  • To support a robust and compelling Jewish content foundation that enriches, challenges, inspires and empowers young Jews to explore their identities.

The investment that Israel is making to strengthen ties with Jews in the Diaspora will pay enormous dividends for the Jewish state and for the Jewish people globally. Funding for Mosaic United and the programs we support will come from three sources: one-third from the government of Israel and two-thirds from the Jewish world and private philanthropy.

We are proud our first funding agreement in support of college campus engagement has successfully brought together three leading campus organizations: Hillel International, Chabad on Campus International and Olami.

We are confident that our investment of $22 million dollars, matched by an additional $44 million, into these unique organizations will have substantial impact. It will enable our partners to add a significant number of senior Jewish educators to college campuses, attract more under-engaged students, build stronger Jewish communities, offer high impact programming and immersive experiences, as well as train future Jewish professionals.

As Mosaic United, we celebrate what unites us as we look toward a global Jewish future larger than any one movement or any single point of view. Together our work will be stronger. Together our impact will last longer. As Mosaic United, we will build a stronger Jewish future. Together.

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