The Truth About Working Without Deadlines.
Patience E. Randle

This is my life, fer sher. I’ve been freelancing for eight months, and it has taken more than a few tries to figure out what works. I am one of those annoying ENFP people who work free-form and by intuition and inspiration. (Yes, I even make myself nuts when the best I can muster work-wise one day is vigorous house cleaning and a long walk while I think through a concept or article). I ask clients for hard deadlines. I write when inspired (which isn’t to say I wait until the last minute; things are always marinating in my head). I keep notebooks and lists and Evernote chains so when the urge to create or write finally strikes, I can pull from that reservoir of ideas I want to explore or need to craft for a future deadline. I also start each day with meditation and yoga to get a feel if it is a good “task” or “research” or “design” or “create” day. I also Instapaper everything for my read, research and schedule social content days, so email doesn’t help me procrastinate! It’s balance and knowing how you create your best work. There is no shame in a 12-hour day preceded by a two-hour day. And it is very important (to me at least) to have one day where the computer, email, social and Internet is off-limits. (Hiking where there is no cell service helps!)

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