Coins in Slow Motion make Surprising Sounds

I found five dirhams in a bag I was cleaning out and midway through putting them away, I dropped one, then suddenly wondered how it would look to drop a coin in slow motion. Why not, I opened Slow-Mo camera on iPhone and started filming. For 20 someodd seconds I first rolled and jostled then tossed five Arabian coins in my hand. When I watched the footage, I was amazed. Not by how the coins looked but by how they sound!

They sound of giant rolling metal disks and porcelain plates jostling together and great bells ringing. And if one is dropped… its path is heard streaking through the air. A great distant “boooom” echoes as it hits the ground and slowly rings to stillness. Delightfully surprised, I thought to share. Why do you think they sound like this?

Originally published at Amy Robinson Sterling.