I’ll receive comments such as, “Why are you so worried about Hillary when Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are out there?” The comment is just a warning to get me to watch my step. Most of those Democrats don’t really want to know why I’m so worried about Hillary Clinton. They just want me to shut up and keep the family together.
You Can’t Stop “Bernie Or Bust” From Growing ; But You Can Learn To Deal With It
Patty Jane

I’ve posted several thoughtful articles on my Facebook wall explaining why I won’t vote for Hillary AND why I think others shouldn’t as well (including one that offered detailed evidence that numbers don’t support her ability to defeat Trump). While there are several friends who get what I’m saying, there are people who Just. Don’t. Get. It. (I can’t help but notice they are all liberals well over 60, though I hate to generalize.)

In any case, the accusations lobbed at me are laughable. I’ve been called a coward, anti-feminist, shameless, a weasel, etc.; in response I’ve said that I refuse to be bullied into making a vote that is either against someone (rather that for a person) or for a person simply because they were born with a vagina (which in my opinion is just as bad as voting against a person simply because they were born with one).