Thoughts on Life
mark-john clifford

Saying you would die for someone is easy. It’s instinctive. The automatic response of saving someone you love, of happily exchanging your life for their own if it came down to it. But when you speak of loving someone to life? Yes, I believe that is a thing. I have heard of that. To me, it means loving someone enough to keep going. To keep trying. To not give up in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. To love others enough to stay in it to win it. To keep trying. To take the hard road. The road less travelled. When the odds are against you. And if you can love someone enough to do that, if you can stick with them when times are rough and you want to give up, but you don’t because you love them enough to keep trying instead of dying, to me that is the definition of loving someone (back) to life.

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