Acting Class “The Merchant of Venice”

The First Day

I was nervous. I stood at the corner of the room, shivering and quivering. That was what I felt for the first time there. It was, however, usual for me to feel like that when I was in a new environment with strangers. I was taken into a spacious room, with a few chairs at the corner of the room. The silent atmosphere there was tending to make me feel more jittery. Unfamiliar-looking faces appeared in the room, and I could not help but uneasily walked towards the end of the room to put my bag down. A girl with a bun tied at the top of her head was sitting beside me, and she was staring elsewhere, and when she turned her head to look at me, she uncomfortably shifted it again to the window. Bored out of my mind, I took out my Shakespeare book and began to read “The Merchant of Venice” chapter that we were going to perform in front of the audience, who were our parents. After just flipping it through, I got bored and started to stare at the window too.

“Well, are you ready for some games?” The teacher’s voice rang up, and I immediately lifted my head up to see what was going on. Great… the class had started… there was NO turning back now… The teacher asked us to gather in front of him, and I clumsily walked towards him with uneasiness… The rest of the class was boring, but the games stand out the most.

I realized that some of them, including the girl with the bun and a long-haired short and stout girl had been together. They looked like acquaintances, or even friends, because they talked so much and laughed so loud! However, I was alone and did not have any friends, or even acquaintances! I just sit there dully, listening to the teacher babbling on about what to expect. Then, the teacher told us to gather and talk about something. I sat at a random place.

Now, the teacher was giving out pencils for us to write. However, I found it too unusual to use a pencil, and would rather use a pen to write. Then, I looked around to see if there was any pens for me to use.

Then, I laid my eyes on a girl sitting right beside me, and she was using a purple marker (of course a thin marker) to write. Her words were so beautiful that I stared in awe at it. An idea struck me. Mustering up all my courage, I leant over to her, and asked her quietly if I could borrow one of her pens. “Pardon?” She asked me. After I had repeated it, she took one of her pens and lent it to me. At the end of the introduction, we proceeded back to our bags to get a drink. Then, the teacher asked us to group ourselves into fours in mixed genders to work on something. The girl, whose name is Miranda, smiled at me, and I immediately joined her. Miranda and I chose another two boys into our group, and I could tell that they were very reluctant by the looks on their faces, to leave behind their friend or whatsoever.

The rest of the lessons were MUCH more fun, with a friend by my side, I need not worry about being super lonely. Well, I worked well with our group, and I realized that the acting class was much more fun than I had expected, and it was not so traumatizing or whatsoever.

The Second Day

Well, I felt SO much relaxed after the first day! The tension and anxiety I faced on the first day there was indeed something to laugh about! I realized that I had been such a fool that I was anxious on the first day there. Well, everyone feel nervous when they were put in a new environment with strangers, right?

However, today we did not get started with doing The Merchant of Venice yet. The teacher is still doing the introduction on plays,which caused me to be bored to tears. Well, not literally bored to tears, but I was just so feed up with it. Indeed, I like the puffy haired teacher more than the other one, since he was more humorous than the other one.

Well, we did the trailer on “The Three Little Pigs”, but it must be different from the original story, so that, the teacher said, the audience would not know what to expect. So, we changed the characters a bit. The three little pigs became the three wolves, and the big bad wolf became the big bad pig. Well, this was supposed to be a trailer, so we did not show the rest of the story. We only showed that the three wolves were happy, and they had a secret, it was to avoid the big bad pig.

Then, if the audience wanted to find out the rest of the story, they must watch the show to find out, so as to create a sense of curiosity and tension among the audience, so they will be eager to watch the show

The Third Day

The third day was no exception. The only difference was that we finally got started on The Merchant of Venice. Well, we grouped ourselves into different group, since the other two boys will not come tomorrow. So, we grouped ourselves into the group with the short stout girl and the girl with the bun.

After the teacher started to give out the script that we were supposed to perform in front of the audience, I looked at it dazingly, and realized that the words there were very complicated, and I thought that I needed to memerise all of them. It would be awkward to carry a file with me up on the stage, would’nt it? However, the teacher explained that we can carry the file up on stage, but if you memorise the script, it would be better.

We just acted, and said what the script said, well, to practise for tomorrow. Well, the time passed super fast. I cannot believe that tomorrow is the acting actual day! Well, I worked quite well with them, and became friends with the two girls, who I know as Yi Han and Yu Tong. However, it surprised even me that we never practised all the scenes yet, and did not prepare enough yet. I braced myself for the worst tomorrow, since tomorrow is the real actual day!

The Last Day

Finally, today was the last day! Well, how silly I was! Today, we had to practise from 9am to 4pm, and from 4pm to 5pm, our parents will come and watch the show. I thought that we will not practise before our parents come! However, the show was not as what I had expected. Instead of actually acting on the stage, we took a short video clip, in form 0f a trailer, to show our parents. I said that I wanted to literally act on the stage, but they insisted their way to show the audience a trailer, so I had no choice but to accept that. So Miranda started taking videos of our performances, and used an app on her phone to put the videos together, as well as the introduction and stuff.

After she had finished with the editing, it was already time to rehearse. We quickly posted the video to the teacher, and started to perform. After finishing the first half of our presentation, We were ready to show the rest of the class our trailer. However, much to everyone’s astonishment, the wrong trailer was shown to the class. “Phew!” Luckily the wrong trailer was not shown to our parents! Perhaps a technical error occurred and the wrong trailer was shown. So, we just finished the rest of our presentation without the trailer.

Well, luckily for us, the teacher changed the trailer to the correct one we should be showing the audience. Our parents came in, and I spotted mine in the crowd. I waved to them, and they waved back, wishing me good luck at the same time. They then did the thumbs-up sign. I beamed from ear to ear, and winked at them. I am ready.

“Now let’s welcome the Shakespeare Company group to present their trailer to us! Round of applause for them!” Applause immediately rang up in my ears, and before I knew it, it was really time to perform! Striding confidently onto the stage, my group and I unleashed our true acting experience, and acted wonderfully like never before.

After the spectacular trailer was shown to the audience, thunderous applause emanated from the audience.

After the show, I even received a certificate of achievement. I am very proud of myself.

Then, I knew that it was time to say goodbye to my three friends. I now even had two of them, Miranda and Yu Tong’s WhatsApp and Wechat. I hope that I will continue to be their friends from quite a distance, so that I would not regret making so many friends, and then lost them all in the end!