Dag 11

Serena and I made dinner together!

I have to say undskyld (Danish for sorry) to all of my dedicated fans (dad) because this dag is late! Yesterday I got caught up in homework and forgot to blog! Without further ado, here was my dag 11:

I had class in the morning and then I came back home and went for a run. Then I met Serena at the train station so that we could shop for our dinner (Lise asked us if we could each cook dinner once a week, which I love because I love to cook). Serena and I cooked together this week because it was the first time. After scrolling through pinterest for the amount of time that I could have written 5 blog posts, we decided that we would keep it simple and just make pesto chicken, rice and salad. Next week when Lise is away, we will cook Jesper bacon everyday because he loves bacon. There is a bacon cookbook in this house. It’s just bacon in different forms and the title of it is “Bacon” (bacon is bacon in Danish). Lise and Jesper enjoyed the dinner, and Lise took a photo of the food we made and bragged to Tine (our neighbor host mom). After dinner we went to a place called the “Happy Crappy Farm”. The “Happy Crappy Farm” is an old barn filled with used items that are for sale. Every Saturday, people living in this town leave items that they do not want out by the side of the road, and the items are brought to the “Happy Crappy Farm.” It was pretty neat. Lise, Jesper and Serena made me try on a full denim jump suit. It actually fit me like a glove, but I honestly would never ever wear it so, I did not buy it. We got some funny pictures, though. I tried on a fur vest with it. My favorite section of the farm was the books section. Serena and I found a really old U.S.A. travel book with some funny pictures in it. A lot of cowboys and flannel. We had a lot of laughs at the farm, and when we got back we set up a family calendar to see when everyone will be traveling. Overall, a lovely day.

Danish word of the day: bacon=bacon