Dag 12

This isn’t really from dag 12, it’s from dag 11 on the way to the “happy Crappy Farm”, but at least I was honest about what day it was from

My Epigenetics class went to the University of Copenhagen for a field study this morning. When we arrived, a professor of anatomy first taught us about epigenetics in general and then he went into DNA reprogramming. His lecture was really interesting because since epigenetics is fairly new, there were questions that he just could not answer and that nobody could answer. It made me very very curious. I have never been so curious. Like why is the paternal DNA methylated faster than the maternal DNA. If anyone knows, please comment. After the lecture we were able to see cow zygotes under a microscope. I made two new friends while walking back from the field study. Nothing brings people together like navigating through a city. My dependence on google maps and asking random people how to get to Norreport is a little sad. After walking back from the field study I decided to be a city student and I went to a cafe and did some readings. Then I went to an activities fair at 5. I almost didn’t get into the activities fair because apparently you need a ticket to get into the activities fair and I did not even remember receiving a ticket. They let me in though. Per usual I signed up for a lot of different activities. One thing I would like to do for sure is volunteer to help with the red cross here. After the activities fair I went home with my homestay friends. The train conductor gave me a coupon for a free coffee because it was his wife’s birthday. (I don’t know why I benefitted but yay) Lise and Jesper were going to bring us to IKEA for dinner (apparently they have food?) but we got home too late from the fair so we plan on going another time. After eating dinner with Serena, I finished up my core course readings and Danish Language and Culture readings. My Danish Language and Culture class is heavy on the theory of language. The readings are pretty interesting and one was about how different languages can impact the perception of time. The reading said, in the language of Hopi “Nothing is suggested of time except for the perpetual “getting later” of it.” That is not the way that most english speakers think of time. With that I will go to bed because it is perpetually getting later.

Danish word of the day: tak=thanks

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