Dag 17

Spinach and bacon quiche!

Dag 16 was a very classic Sunday and dag 17 was a very classic Monday. The morning train that I usually take was cancelled so I took the train after it. I was still on time for class but the train was very crowded to I stood for most of the ride. It was okay though because I listened to a Freakonomics podcast (Bad Medicine: Part 2 of 3) and it happened to discuss the Thalidomide disaster, and in my class that morning our guest lecturer spoke about Thalidomide! Love when things work out like that. Nordic mythology class was wonderful once again. I learned that Tolkien was a master of Nordic mythology, so I think I really need to read the Lord of the Rings. Danish class was good as well. We discussed nationalism in Denmark. Denmark celebrated its 850th birthday last weekend. It is actually older than that, and everyone knows it, but the Danes still celebrated the 850th birthday because big birthdays are fun. Danish nationalism can be seen in the Danish flag which is EVERYWHERE. It is the oldest flag around and legend has it that it fell from the sky?

After class I went home and folded my laundry and then went for a bike ride. Then I went shopping for dinner. I had to ask a kind woman at the store to point out the half and half because I am not very good at Danish yet. I made bacon quiche for dinner! I have never made a quiche, only frittata. I really love eggs. SO cheap and healthy. I added in the bacon for Jesper. He was pleased. At dinner, we just talked about how old Copenhagen is. The town that we are living in has been mentioned in some texts from around 1200. Soooo old! Also, Serena (my house mate) was hired as a student blogger for the history program for DIS. Proud of her!

Danish word of the day: post card=postkort