Dag 40

Today was my day to cook so I made maple glazed salmon. The maple syrup was from Vermont haha

Had a full 8 hours of sleep last night so I woke up with an abundance of energy. I started off the morning by reading some nice Nordic myths. Then I made some crepes for Serena and I because I had ~no class~ and Jesper left some crepe mix for us. Also, I forgot to mention that Jesper showed me the catalogue for the lighting fixtures that he engineers. They are beautiful lights. If anyone wants to buy a new lamp let me know because I have some recommendations. After the crepes, I went on a long bike ride. I was going to go to the castle, but the castle requires a lot of weaving through traffic so instead I went on some nice bike paths through the woods. After biking I hung up my laundry to dry and then I went to Lise’s practice (she is a general practitioner), which is only a 5 minute bike ride away. Lise showed me around and told me about what she does everyday. I really appreciate her letting me come and visit. It was really cool to be able to see what a doctor in Denmark does. I met her co-workers and we had lunch together. Then I went to the store to get some fisk (Danish for fish) because Lise mentioned that she likes fish and would like it for dinner. I got some salmon. Then I went back home and did some homework (danish class homework). Then I made dinner! Then I did more homework.

Danish word of the day: light=lys

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