10 Mindfulness Habits For Being Happy All Year Round

Mindful living is simple living. And where there’s simplicity, happiness isn’t too far away.

To live mindfully, you need to adopt simple mindful habits that you can practice every day, all year round. This will ensure you get a full year of happiness.

Curious to know what these habits are? Here are ten of them that should begin practicing right away.

1. Right Food

Be mindful of what you eat. Eat adequate amount of healthy foods. Not too much, not too little. But don’t leave you favorite foods behind. Go ahead and savor the taste, but eat in small portions. Also, keep your body hydrated with enough water. It helps you stay energetic and keep the calories in check, among other benefits.

2. Right Sleep

We are at a time where sleep is treated like an interruption. This path won’t take you to happiness because sleep is essential for adequate rest to the mind and body. If you compromise on sleep, you compromise greatly on the efficiency of your mind’s and body’s functioning. Eight hours of sleep is advised, but as long as you get adequate sleep, you can fix a time.

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