Amy Marquez

Mild-mannered UX designer @USAA by day; improvisational comedian by night. Mom & wife 24/7. Opinions are mine alone.

Pass it on

Leave a lasting legacy through mentoring

I studied with a great set designer in college who would end each lesson with “Remember the rule of thumb in…

Tooting Your Own Horn — Without Stinking at It

Tackling large enterprise performance reviews for design professionals

Group vs individual praise

2013 was my first IA Summit, and Elizabeth was incredibly warm and welcoming. She was always smiling. I only wish I had a chance to know her better.

Don’t be a political beast

How to Survive the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Egos

The Cool Kids (I’m not one of them)

Publications edited by Amy Marquez

Applying theater and improv lessons in life

Everyone’s a Critic

Learning to take criticism in a world full of designers

There’s a tradition in theatrical productions that you probably don’t know about if…

That’s Why They Call It “Acting”…

Or, you are not your job

Most people are familiar with the concept of “method acting.” In it’s original form, method acting meant…

Be Prepared

It’s not just for Boy Scouts

From ages 4 through 27 years, I can safely say that a significant amount of my time was spent preparing to become someone else…

“Habit is the great deadener.”

Samuel Becket — Waiting for Godot

I had the pleasure/misfortune to work on a production of Waiting for Godot through all of its…

What’s my motivation?

Understanding what you want

Every actor worth their salt thinks about what motivates their character through the course of a theatrical…