No photos

When you see someone play music
Really play music
You cannot take a photo.

There are some artists
Who don’t put on a show, or perform.
They expose themselves onstage.

They don’t know what they’re about to do 
They don’t know what sounds they’re about to make
They don’t know where the music is going to take them 
Or how their body is going to react to it
If it’s going to make them stand up and bang on the floor,
Or grunt or moan — or thrash or cry.

Their relationship with music is the most intimate relationship they have,
More intimate than any relationship the rest of us will ever have.
They become more naked than the rest of us have ever been, 
And more vulnerable than the rest of us will ever be.

When you experience an artist do this,
You are no longer an audience member.
You are an interloper. 
And you’ve signed a confidentiality agreement in exchange for a front row seat to watch their most intimate, private acts.

No photos, you sicko.

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