Kickstart your Holiday Season with 8 ways to Make Some Extra Cash

If you are like most people, you are always thinking how to make an extra buck. Do you sell clothes you’ve never worn? Do you sell some old household items? Do you try and find a part-time job that works with your current schedule? Now you don’t have to sell anything, the Gig economy is taking over the workforce as we know it.

When you think of Gig Economy, companies like Postmates, Uber, or Instacart might come to mind. Gig Economy is essentially work that gives people the flexibility and choice of how and when they want to earn money. Intuit has predicted that the number of contingent workers “will exceed 40 percent of the workforce by 2020”. While according to Time “44% of U.S. adults have participated in such transactions, playing the roles of lenders and borrowers, drivers and riders, hosts and guests.”

With the Gig Economy on the rise, there are tons of new ways to make extra cash (without having to part with your favorite clothes and household items).

1. Shift into Some Cool Gigs with Shiftgig

Are you or have you ever been a bartender, server, cook, inventory pick packer, sales associate, or brand ambassador? If you have, you’re in luck. Shiftgig’s app allows you work when you want, where you want, for who you want.

Working for Shiftgig can put you to work at some of the largest sports stadiums, coolest concert halls, and hottest venues in your city. Specialists have worked events for the Chicago Cubs, The Superbowl, Beyonce’s World Tour, and many other cool gigs.

All shifts on the app are customized to each person’s skill sets, and provide a brief description, location, and hourly rate. Hourly rates can vary per position and experience, but any one shift can earn you from $9-$30 per hour. Easy and fun gig’s, to make some easy money.

Estimated earnings: You can earn an hourly rate as high as $30. After working just one daily shift, you can make up to $150, and maybe during an afternoon at your favorite professional sports teams’ event! Sounds like a huge win win!

2. Split your Rent in Half using Airbnb

None of us want to pay rent, but the sad truth is we have to. With Airbnb you can have someone help you pay your rent. If you have a spare bedroom, or a vacation home you only use once a year, you can now rent out a shared room, private room, or your entire home to a complete stranger.

While Airbnb is not a new name in the Gig economy, it is a serious competitor for hotels. As a “host” you are able to set your own rates, choose the vacancy dates of your room or home, screen your potential guests and, the best part, get paid within 24 hours after the guest checks in.

According to Airbnb, you can make make an average of $250 to $500 a week for renting your personal room or entire place.

Estimated earnings: At $500 a week, you could be making up to $2000 a month. Thats a big chunk of change to help with that monthly rent.

3. Uber Really is Uber

Ever find yourself driving around aimlessly while jamming to your favorite music? Well now with Uber you can do that, and get paid for it.

Like most Gig economy jobs, Uber has one of the most flexible jobs schedules, and that is because you clock in and clock out whenever you want. Once you clock in you are driving freely until someone needs a ride.

But wait, it gets better…now Uber drivers can get paid on demand. Thats right, no waiting for a weekly or biweekly paycheck. Instant pay does not require a minimum amount but it does cost a couple quarters ($.50) for each cashout when you deposit the money into your personal bank account.

Estimated earnings: Depending on which city you’re driving in you can make up to $30 an hour. Driving only two hours a day during the weekday rush hour could bring you $300, or driving fulltime could land you $1160 a week. Don’t forget to cash out with Instant Pay and make some kickass playlists for the drive.

4. Have Limitless Vacation Time working for Toptal.

When a company offers an unlimited vacation policy and encourages its employees to travel as much as they want there has to be something fishy about it right? Wrong.

Toptal is a company that connects the top 3% of all freelancers in Engineering and Development to the top companies in the world. Some companies you can work for are Airbnb, J.P. Morgan, Zendesk, Pfizer, and many more!

According to Toptals founder Breanden Beneschott “Traveling constantly and going to new places and feeling refreshed daily — as opposed to sitting in an office and staring at a clock in a cubicle — your life kind of becomes your work and your work becomes your life.”

So if you are an experienced freelancer that enjoys a life full of vacation, while also making money, then Toptal is the company for you.

Estimated earnings: Because you are hired on with projects instead of gigs the pay depends on the job. But as a freelancer you can be part-time, full-time, or hourly all while working from your favorite beach.

5. The Best way to Bring out your Inner Child is to Hang out with one right? Why not Chime into more cash doing so.

We’ve all been there. We find ourselves making funny faces at people, we laugh at things we shouldn’t and we most definitely do things we shouldn’t, that’s just the inner child in us.

If you love babies and children, (or if you just want to be yourself around one) then why not extra cash by picking up some gigs babysitting? Chime is babysitting on demand! You let them know when you are available, accept your choice of nearby sitter requests, and get paid instantly!

On average sitters make between $15–18 an hour and this service is great for those sitters who are looking for some last minute work.

Estimated earnings: Having the time of your life acting like a child with a child can earn you around $180 extra bucks if you work about 10 hours of babysitting a week. (I’m sure many of you used to do this for free with your siblings growing up, so take the money and run!)

6. Book Events with BookedOut

One word, brand ambassador. Have you ever wondered how people score those jobs handing out Red Bull or Monster energy drink samples? Or how you get paid to be a promotional model? Well the answer is BookedOut.

As BookedOut states “We’ve created a platform that seamlessly connects agencies and brands with the people they need, and people with the flexible, rewarding gigs they want”

Here’s how it works, create your profile and go over all of their available events, submit tons of information about yourself, and for once please include selfies, book an event, check in, check out, and get paid! Wa-lah! Just like that you’ve become a brand ambassador working for the coolest companies in the business.

Estimated earnings: Average rate range for brand ambassador is $16–25 per hour and if an average shift is 4–8 hours that means you can make up to $200 for a single shift.

7. Turn your Finance knowledge into cash with Paro

Sure, maybe you went to college and got your bachelors or masters in Finance and never ended up using your degree, or heck maybe you did use your degree but got burnt out working with numbers all day and staring at the walls in your cubicle.

Here’s a solution. Paro hires on-demand financial professionals and matches them with companies that you are looking for people to help them out with with financial related projects. That’s right, this is not a full time position. This is working to help different companies with new projects or problems related to finance, growth and consulting.

Maybe you help a company or two every couple of months, maybe you decide to stay with a company a little longer than expected. Either way, if you have the brains for this then it is definitely worth it.

Estimated earnings: Because this company hires per project you could be hourly or salary, but at the end of the day (or month) you are definitely making a couple hundred, or thousand more than you had before.

8. DoorDash into Cash

Alright, so not saying you have nothing to do all day, but maybe you find yourself skateboarding around the city, maybe scootering, or just plain ol’ driving . Why not do that and make a couple extra bucks?

You may have heard of food delivery companies like GrubHub, and Postmates, but the new one to hit the Gig Economy is DoorDash. They are an on-demand restaurant delivery service. What does that mean for you? It means that they need “Dashers”, as they call their delivery crew.

Be your own boss, and make your own hours. All you need to do is reserve a time slot for a time in which you are available, head over to busy areas in your city, and confirm and order. Dashers make $5 per food delivery along with tips.

Estimated earnings: At $5 each delivery completed, you could easily do 2–3 deliveries an hour, which puts you at an extra $15 already. Plus 100% of the tips made (so remember to smile, and work for that extra 20% tip)