A package just arrived in the mail and I thought it was my husband ordering more unnecessary items. I went ahead and opened it because it was addressed to me. I was thinking this was his attempt to buy something for himself and claim it was for me. But that wasn’t the case. It was a beautiful gift basket and the note read:

Thank you for all that you’ve done during my most difficult time. Your kindness and words of comfort were timely and much appreciated- Pearl

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Two women connected in a cosmic swirl

Pearl was a stranger just a few months ago. We met online after…

I was in my pajamas on the front porch, talking with a friend parked in the driveway, complaining about the pandemic.

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She said, “You still not drinking?”

“Nope, nothing,” I said.

“Not even weed?” she asked.

“ Nada,” I replied.

“You’re not even eating it?” she said with a raised brow.

I knew she was talking about edibles and we both started belly laughing because we’re basically yelling all of this in my yard since we have to stay 6 feet apart.

If you would have told me a few years back that I would be sober in the most…

The not so obvious reasons they are connected.

When most people talk about the fear associated with racism, they normally talk about how black people are portrayed in the media and films. The THUG, the criminal, the angry black woman with an attitude, and so on. We’ve seen it, we hear it, and hopefully, it’s on your radar by now.

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We love our black entertainers but the minute it goes from the screen to the street, it’s a whole different story. I remember in college I was crushing so hard on this fly ass black guy at school. I told…

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When someone asks to have some space, to my future ex, it means plucking his face.

Pulling grey hairs next to me on the couch…ouch.

Cut my eyes. He plays it off. Just stop!

“Do you want to pluck it for me?” he asks.

“Sure, can I use a blow torch? I say.

I write this poem and read it to him all the while he just grins.

This is a game I cannot win.

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Whether you are single, married, or dating chances are your love life is in a bit of turmoil right now. Your communication is probably strained and your normal routes to repair are more than likely forbidden. No longer can you plan a fancy dinner, send flowers, or book a trip to the spa for some me-time. What to do when pathogens are plaguing the planet; keep it simple.

My circumstance could be considered dire as I am confined to a small bedroom and unable to leave. Yes, I am in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus, a place I never thought…

Mom kisses her son through a window in hopes of not not spreading the coronavirus.
Mom kisses her son through a window in hopes of not not spreading the coronavirus.

10 Days with COVID: Symptoms & Survival

How many of you are arguing about politics or worried about money? This crisis is unfair and shouldn’t be happening to us, right? If you were the leader of the free world, then you would have done this differently. You would have saved people, shut-up the media, had enough tests kits for every single citizen and planned better when you saw this being played out overseas. Let me assure you of one truth: none of that matters when you get the virus. …

Amy Mogck

Writer and life coach.

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