UX Design Through The Lens of a Software Engineer

I started getting familiar with the concept of user experience about two years ago when I worked as a fellow at Code for America. I learned and participated in the basic of user experience at that point. But always long for a stronger understanding of the concept as I felt that it would help me to become a better software engineer.

As a backend developer, I was always fascinated by how UX designer can turn user insights into features. I enjoy the idea of working closely with users to shape the products they want together. As I code away to make the product, I sometimes make decisions that are easier for me as an engineer. I definitely lose touch with how my engineering decisions can affect usability of the product. Also I believe that being a software engineer who can truly understand user needs and technological limitations can help me build better products.

A few weeks ago, I started a UX course to solidify my understanding. I am very excited about what I am learning and will learn in this process. I will use this medium to share what I learn and my thoughts on UX through the lens of a software engineer.

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