Inside the Startup Luring Thousands of Women into the Gig Economy
Alexis Sobel Fitts

A thousands-of-words ad, masquerading as journalism, extolling the virtues of the latest pyramid scheme? Not what I expect to see from this publication. I hope y’all got paid well for this, cause if you haven’t, you’ve been had.

Scams like this aren’t made fresh and new just because they exhort their marks to pester family and friends via Facebook instead of face-to-face. And they are nothing like the real direct sales (think Fuller brushes) of yore. They intentionally prey on SAHMs and other women who want to earn money but because of caring responsibilities have a hard time working outside the home, luring them to drop hundreds of dollars on “starter sales kits” that in reality comprise most of the main office’s income. Shameful excuse for reporting.

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