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Ah, trickle down, the economic principle conceived on a restaurant napkin. Never proven, never successful, the Laffer curve remains every right wing economist’s treasured MacGuffin. Every Republican president from Reagan onward has tried it, and it never works as they so earnestly claim it will — slashing taxes for the rich does not stimulate the economy, much less either pay for itself or return more than was spent. You know what spending does return more than outlays? SNAP, otherwise known as food stamps, the program Mulvaney, that dick (after his snide comments about the poor, his name will always be followed by “that dick”), wants to slash by 25% because apparently he thinks children should be working in factories again. For every dollar spent on the food stamps program, something like $1.10 goes back into the economy. Kind of strange, huh? Makes an untrusting sort begin to suspect this isn’t about improving the economy or the nation’s finances at all.