They work like dogs for pennies. They work sick and in pain because they can’t see a doctor.
Hey Democrats! What the Left Really Wants
Susan Brassfield Cogan

“End the war on workers!” may succeed better as a slogan, at least until people start thinking of themselves as part of one society. It’s true that we must end the war on the poor, but no one wants to think of themselves as poor. And thanks to lingering puritanism, everyone likes to think they are a worker. The majority (vast majority?) of the poor work anyways as is. And it’s dead easy to point to anti worker measures and illegal activities that aren’t prosecuted. As for the former, there’s right to work laws, federal and state legislatures shifting the tax burden from corps and the wealthy on to workers, low minimum wages, etc. For the latter, there’s wage theft, union busting, etc. And we can include protecting the social safety net like SNAP and Medicaid because poor folks work too.