Dies in Office
Trump’s 7 Possible Futures, Post-Don Jr.
Nicholas Grossman

I’m torn between impeached by 2018 and dies in office. While I initially was sure he would simply ragequit, now I think the power and ego boost of the presidency would keep him from quitting. The only scenario where I can see him stepping down is moments before being removed from office (would that count under impeachment or quitting?) as in “You can’t fire me! I quit!” Resign for health reasons? Never ever ever. Even if he had full blown dementia and a feeding tube.

I can definitely see the heart attack, though. Depends on if he insists on being seen by the quack who wrote the obviously full of lies letter stating Trump was in perfect health, or if he allows White House physicians to care for him. Perfect health my ass. That man has foot amputated for gangrene written all over him. Remember, Trump couldn’t even manage to walk a few blocks down a European street and had to ride in a golf cart while the other heads of state walked in a photo op. Was that the G7?

Of course, makes it thru the entire term is the most likely outcome, but a person can dream of their president being led out of the Oval Office in shackles, can’t they?