Donald Trump Is No Joke: James McGill Buchanan’s Plan for the Deliberate Dismantling of Democracy
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

This administration has felt like America’s Test Run at Authoritarianism/Despotism, the primer. Like, America kinda sucks at authoritarian shit, we’ve got little practice at it. But thanks to Trump we’re getting better at it. Like, press secretary #1, Spicer, was too obvious about it at first and then later seemed to lose a bit of his taste for it, so he is gone. Press secretary #2, Huckabee Sanders, is so far way better at the lying and bootlicking while keeping a straight face thing. I don’t even know who comms director #1 was but #2 is a slimy, fast-talking Wall Street fat cat con artist. He’s too obvious with the Dear Leader shtick, going on about how he looooooves Trump. He will be replaced with someone who can Dear Leader more subtly, soon enough. And so forth.

America is writing its self-destruction instruction manual in real time, as we all watch.