People only save face in public

The true colors show once the people go

Now we’re here alone

So say what you really feel

What feelings are really real?

And where were you when I was lost?

Looking for the key to stay alive and finding an effect for the cause?

I looked to myself and God and that was it

White walls and tall mirrors were all I saw, I had to picture past it all

Somehow I found a light, the only reason I’m alive

I would fight with the demons of my body and of my mind

And it’s lonely and hard but I felt that I had to do it

To keep the faith and find my strength, man I had to prove it

I always felt like I had a higher purpose to serve I couldn’t die this way

I should sacrifice myself for the greater good, so no I couldn’t die today

But the feeling got so appealing, I had no reason I should stay

When you emotionally support yourself it feels like there’s nothing in your way

And maybe I shouldn’t say that cause people claim they love me

But in a hard spot, none of them ever came to hug me

And console me and tell me everything’s ok

Even when things are going good, everyone isn’t happy

But when you need things or wanna tell everyone else that you really “know” me

So they can be impressed with a life you’re not really living

But when the doors close you’re not proud, you don’t even really care

So what’s the point of the pretend? Just pretend that I’m not there

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