I Don’t Want To Spend This Much On smart home. How About You?

Smart homes the new boom in this era are setting new standards and trends for home but these fancy devices to turn your home into an automatic assistant and provide you the total ease and comfort may have a high impact on your pocket. Yes, the smart home products with brilliant features are very expensive so today I want to tell you that why I don’t want to spend this much on smart home. How about you?

We attempt to think about the perks of home automation we eagerly want to implement them all but we put off the idea when we think about the cost that will occur in this automation. For this setup you may need Smart speakers, Smart security camera, Smart Thermostat, Smart light bulbs, Smart lock, switch and much more.

For a medium sized house each of these devices would cost you almost $150 and if you estimate the budget so I would easily be around $1500, for large houses this cos would easily reach to $3000 not just this but also the installation of these products will have some cost. Some of these products require professional installation so better be ready for the cost of that too.

No doubt there are products that are smart and not costly but he quality and feature those products provide are not so impressive either they lack in some core features or are not durable so in order to have a smart home that is truly smart and durable you need to spend money. So, I shared my reason of why I don’t want to spend this much on smart home right now but I would like to know from you people that whatever I have learnt from my research is totally valid or not. Feel free to tell me what you think.