Mr. Amyn Dahya Auromar tips on how to keep your team motivated during the testing times?

Keeping your team motivated in these testing times is extremely important. The lack of the same may cause huge problems and challenges.

There are numerous reasons that you need to manage your team during the pandemic and economic issues. Having a demotivated team can prove to have negative impact on customer service and may lead to more losses than possible. Apart from spiritual leader Amyn Dahya Auromar states that the falling levels of motivation may cause serious problems in the virtual office space and lead to poor work-life balance. Hence, you need to focus on the employees and their well-being both as an individual and as an organization.

So, here are a few tips suggested by Mr. Amyn Dahya Auromar for the best results -

  • Accept that there is nothing normal -

It is okay to accept that things are not normal these days. No one of us has faced such a situation in the past and what is happening is a learning experience.

Each one of us is coping with issues and being resilient can take a toll on the employees and their mental health. So, as a leader, you need to be emphatically aligned to sustain the balance.

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Amyn Dahya Auromar
  • Create open channels of communication -

Another important aspect suggested by Mr. Amyn Dahya Auromar focuses on having clear channels of communication. Your employees may need your help in handling the tasks and managing their time.

As a leader, you need to have a clear communication channel so that people can easily approach you to sort their issues out. You may also need to take up counseling to boost the outcomes of slow workers. Brainstorm with your team as to how you can gain the best results.

  • Give kindness and support

You may not be able to offer financial support to your team members but can give them kindness and emotional support. Try to organize happy hours each week online or take an open house about the situation and the challenges. You need to steer the team to understand the important lessons that they have learned because of the present situation.

  • Give a break to yourself and others

One of the most unexpected favor that you can do for your team is to give them time off each week. So, keep Saturday’s half working days and allow your employees to bond with their family.

This unexpected time off can ease the situation for the employees and make them feel more grateful towards your business. The reason for this is that the situation has forced families to manage kids, the home and office duties, etc. Giving time off on some days can help them recover their lost balance.

  • Give virtual yoga classes

Taking the yoga class before the start of your workday can prove to be beneficial for your and your team’s health. This will keep them energized and in sync with the business goals. This can be an effective stress buster.

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