Dear Teenagers — Give your mom a break

Yeah, I know. You’re all wrapped up in your angst and you know best and no one understands you. This is all 100% true. No one does understand you and everything is in fact terrible in the moment you discover it is terrible. And your mom is often the one standing in the way of that perfect moment of bliss that Instagram is telling you all about in vivid details. So yeah, duh, ragging on your mom, seeing as she’s the cause, seems like a good idea.

But I’m going to let you in on a secret that may in fact change your world.

Your mom isn’t done growing up yet.

Everything that is coming into your life for the first time is coming into her life for the first time too. And — this is going to blow your mind — she doesn’t know how to fucking handle it either.

Sure, she might remember what it’s like to be a teenager and remember how it hurts not to be the popular or pretty one or whatever you’re going through. But she’s never had to standby and watch a human being that came out of her body deal with popularity and first crushes and insecurity. And I really hate to tell you this, I’m going out on a limb here, but it is entirely possible that she still doesn’t know how to deal with the insecurity that STILL rages in side of her.

Yeah, I know, you get a lot of wise old man crap from people telling you buck up camper and chill out.

But just remember this. You’re mom is not done growing up, and half the time she doesn’t know how to handle her own shit let alone yours.

I was not a fan of my mom when I was a teenager. So much so, that I moved half way around the globe at 16. Came back, left for college at 18. Came back left to move around the globe at 22.

When I hit about 28, I was freaking out about something going on in my life. I pretty much felt that my life was a mess and I was doing everything wrong. And it dawned on my that at 28, my mom was married and had two kids under 5 years old. If I was a mess and couldn’t handle my own nonsense, imagine having two other humans you had to be responsible for.

Then I could look back at all the stuff I didn’t like my mom for when I was 16 and realize, I was wrong. She didn’t have it all figured out. She was still growing up herself and was certainly no prepared for a strong willed, independent crazy person that would become her daughter.

So cut your mom some slack and be the adult today and go clean the bathroom or something. That’s probably a better Mother’s Day gift anyway.