One-Click Negativity will Change Facebook Forever

Facebook just announced that they are expanding the range of emotions you can express on a post. You can now “love” and “wow” parts as well as express anger and sadness.

I think this could destroy your experience on Facebook.

See, if you disliked something or it angered you in the past, your only two options were to ignore the post completely or leave a comment. You had to own your feelings and get public about sharing it. Now the ability to just tap an icon will give people room to allow manners and good sense to decline. Internet trolling will explode and feeling will get hurt.

Think about your Facebook Feed right now. I’m sure you tumble over people saying absolutely crazy-making things. We’re in a heated election cycle and it has already gotten nasty. So picture it, you post your personal opinion about what a nutter you think Trump is. You start getting “angry” icons. Maybe it goes a bit viral, you start getting more “angry” icons. You might decide you don’t like getting angry icons so maybe you make a conscious or subconscious decision not to post about Nutter Trump again.

I can only image being a kid and opening up your facebook page and seeing a ton of angry faces. Kids, hell, adults, can be mean and when the ability to be mean is as simple as a wee tiny click, we’re in trouble.

The state of the internet right now is that there is so much information flowing past our eyes, we are compelled to take the least amount of action required on any given task. Why state your opinion when you can just “angry face” someone instead?

Now, the marketers are going to lose their shit all over this. You’ll start to see crazy behavior to ensure there are no “angry” faces on any given post. Why? Because clients will lose their shit about it. Right now, if you’re in the social media marketing space, you deal with the question of “how do we get more likes and engagement?” So with the emergence of these new icons, it will shake the foundations of what we do.

There is a nasty underbelly of our digital lives. In the past, trolling was an art form. When you have to respond in text, because that was your only option, made you get creative about how you expressed yourself. Now, one click, and boom. Listen to this episode of Fresh Air about the Dark Web and Trolls.

It remains to be seen how a “wow” or an “angry” will effect your insights in Facebook.

As a professional, everything you know about Facebook is about to change, and I don’t think its a good change.

As news, blogs and reactions on Reactions (ha! See what I did there) trickle in, I’m going to capture some of the articles here

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