I own a small business as a social media and marketing consultant. When Superstore Sandy hit, I joined all the other “location independent” workers at Starbucks and Panera Breads across Long Island who needed power and wifi to get paid. It was a harrowing few days. And I watched fellow business owners who had physical goods and services struggle over the next few months to get business. And no business for a small business owner means you don’t eat. The margin for disaster is terribly small when it’s you against the world. The flu can dent your business for months, a flood? Well, that can knock you out completely.

The holidays are coming. People are going to shop and spend money, and lets be real, Amazon doesn’t need your business as much as small businesses in Texas will.

So I’m starting this post as an ongoing thread to promote small businesses for you to shop with as we ramp up for the holiday season.

Are you a biz owner? Great, send me your details and I’ll post them here. Love a Texan small business? Awesome let me know and I’ll post it.

More to come….