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memorial to the murdered jews of europe, berlin

Learn something weird, will ya?

Next Tuesday, May 26th, I will be speaking at Odd Salon, a twice-monthly evening featuring short talks on extraordinary and unusual chapters from history, science, art, and adventure, on The Zombie Millennial: Walking Dead in a Post-Internet Age. The evening is curated around Dystopia, with five other excellent individuals speaking about everything from…

To Find A Thread

I recently gave a presentation on labyrinths to a group of friends of a friend (strange first sentence, I know, but stay with me on this one…)

On Serendipity

Or, whatever the hell is left of it.

Communal spaces used to be a petri dish of awkward encounters, pleasant or not. There was a time when running into someone…

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Capturing what happens when limbs break, and healing takes time.

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On Serendipity

Two steps forward, an indeterminate number of steps back.

Learning to walk, at age 30.

Two steps forward, a TBD number of steps back.

When new puppies knock over and eat your pain meds

And your broken leg can’t help you fix it, and you devolve into a sad, sobbing shell of your former self.

On Turning 30, and Promptly Breaking a Leg

Something tells me I’m into something good…

Airports: SFO —> YYC, part 1

Mid-nineties light rock filters over tinny speakers as the business traveler next to me orders his “usual”: a cup of chowder and an elegantly specific martini. I…

Wine, for One

And nothing calms more than a Friday night in a French cafe, overlooking Washington Square Park. At the corner of startup and ’69, the sun lingers lazily (as it so cliched-ly does…

Remote Connections

Trip: Caltrain home from Menlo Park, Friday evening at 10 PM

At work, we talk about how mobile is the new cigarette, how we as a modern Western society…

Buy Your Co-Worker a Beer*

*Or coffee, or water, or dinner, or whatever your poison

Wanna get something done? Feel stymied, or frustrated, or isolated in your job? Have…