16 Times Barry Egan Referred to Irish Celebrity Couples As ‘Love’s Young Dream’

Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, Love’s Young Dream, 1887

1. Johnny Ronan and Glenda Gilson, August 2nd 2009

They appeared the very essence of love’s young dream (once you discount the age difference, etc) as they enjoyed the U2 concert together on the Saturday. I won’t even joke that they were singing The Sweetest Thing together but they seemed in fine fettle…

2. Model Roz Lipsett and her ex-boyfriend Gavin Kilduff, 16th December 2007

… when I met them at the Water Angels White Tie and Diamonds Ball in the Finca de Concepcion in Marbella last July, I thought they seemed like a very normal young couple indeed, made for each other even.

But love’s young dream, sadly, wasn’t to last.

3. Donna McCaul (of Donna & Joe) and her girlfriend Lauren, 17th August 2008

In the meantime, love’s young dream — sapphic or otherwise — are off to find a television they can sit in front of to watch a certain reality TV show. In truth, Donna and Lauren’s love is more real than anything that came out of Failte Towers that night.

4. Andrea Corr and Dermot Desmond’s son, 7th June 2009

WAS Andrea Corr on a bridal recce at a friend’s wedding in Italy two weeks ago? She and Brett Desmond, to whom she got engaged on Christmas Day in her future father-in-law Dermot’s Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados, were love’s young dream at a high-society wedding in Florence in May.

5. A woman described as a ‘regular’ on Ireland AM and a former Voice of Ireland contestant, 5th May 2014

She is one of the nation’s top models and a regular on TV3’s Ireland AM and he is a trendy singer and I will resist the urge to say they have been making sweet music together. On a romantic break away from it all in the Canaries.

Andrew — who sang on The Voice Of Ireland last year and was among the final five artists on that infamous Late Late Show showdown earlier this year for the 2014 Eurovision — and Alli are love’s young dream.

6. Gay Byrne and his wife, 15th June 2014

Love’s young dream would, remembers Gay, go “to dress dances in the Gresham Hotel.”

7. Oliver Callan and his boyfriend, July 7th 2014

For the time being, Oliver lives on his own-some in Blackrock. Love’s Young Dream, I say, don’t live together. “That step is coming,” Oliver hints. “We’re still thinking about it. He doesn’t want to be in the media because of me.”

8. FAI Chief Executive John Delaney and his girlfriend Emma English, 27th October 2014

Emma’s beau, FAI main man John Delaney, was in Tipperary. Love’s Young Dream did, however, go together to the black-tie Entrepreneur of the Year awards in CityWest on Thursday night.

9. Former Republic of Ireland international Niall Quinn’s daughter and her boyfriend, May 25th 2015

I ask Love’s Young Dream about when they first met. “We met for the first time when we were about 15. We were both in school in Kildare,” says Ashley. He went to Newbridge College and she to Gael-Cholaiste Chill Dara. (“I hadn’t a word of Irish going in, but I am now fluent and adore the language now,” she says.)

10. Restaurateur Ann Marie Nohl and an architect named Ken Edmondson, June 8th 2015

Indeed love’s young dream Ann-Marie and Ken have just got back from a short break in Marbella in southern Spain. It must be serious if they are jetting to Marbs so soon into their romance.

“He is an architect,” Ann-Marie told me, adding, “So he is right up my avenue. You know how I love design and style,” she said.

11. Jennifer Zamparelli (née Maguire) and her husband, September 21st 2015

They now have a six-month-old baby, Florence, and live love’s young dream in the aforesaid leafy hipster haven of Ranelagh.

12. Restaurateur Ann Marie Nohl and, once again, architect Ken Edmondson, 28th September 2015

Note: this time, Barry disparagingly refers to the couple as ‘love’s not-so-young dream’.

So, Ann Marie and Ken are very much in love, which is the reason for the blonde’s metaphysical glow. Be that as it may, love’s not-so-young-dream are not as yet living together.

13. Former Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh and a man referred to only as “dashing Gary” and “gorgeous Gaz”, November 23rd 2015

Of course, the amorous adventures of love’s young dream didn’t stop there. Last weekend they attended a wedding in Castle Durrow Hotel in Carlow.

14. Marty Whelan and his wife, December 14th 2015

Not quite Love’s Young Dream, Marty Whelan and his wife Maria visited a hotspot closer to home on Wednesday night. They had dinner-a-deux in Rita Crosbie’s Cafe Bar H in Grand Canal Plaza in Dublin.

15. Made in Chelsea star Nicola Hughes and her boyfriend/Made in Chelsea co-star Alex Mytton, January 18th 2016

They met in the Naas Court Hotel in Co Kildare in 2014, and almost instantly became love’s young dream, with holidays in Marbs and Barbados — on board a private yacht, naturally.

16. Miriam O’Callaghan’s daughter and her fiancée, 17th April 2016

Someone who knows Fiachra well described him thus: “He’s a very nice guy. Played football for Galway.” I might go further and describe him and his fiancée as Love’s Young Dream incarnate.