🎁 5 Gift Ideas for Pole Dancers 🎁

2016 saw an explosion in well-produced and well-curated content from polebrities around the world. As the pole industry grows, we are also seeing a rise in new pole products hitting the market, that cater to the unique needs of pole dancers everywhere. I’ve tried a lot of the new things that have come out this year and these are my top 5 favorites. If you have other ideas for pole gifts, please post in the comments!

  1. Shashi Grippy Toe Socks.

I tend to have sweaty feet so moves that require the bottom of the foot (cupid, special K, Russian split for example) are generally a no-go for me. That said, I was delighted to discover these grippy toes socks from Shashi that are light enough to not interfere with pole dancing and grippy enough that I can push my weight confidently into them during footsy pole moves. Best part? You can get them in sparkles! Prices range between $18–$24.

2. Marlo Fisken’s Flow Movement Videos.

We can’t all follow Marlo Fisken all over the world but we can bring her right to our studio mats with her Flow series videos that you can stream from any device. These videos have helped me slow my movement down, something that I find very difficult and which is always a critique that I get from judges after competitions. You can choose between buying single videos or bundles of videos in Floor Flow and Flowbility. Prices range from $11 for individual videos to $159 for video bundles.

3. FiBourke.

OMG OMG OMG. This designer, Fionnuala, is best in class when it comes to beautiful and functional but seriously gorgeous products! She makes everything from hand and each piece is different from any other. I ordered my first competition piece from her, and I cannot wait to take the stage with it. Bonus is that she asks for 8 different measurements so each piece will fit you like a glove. Prices for competition pieces (bottoms and top) are about $200 but well worth the money.

Scorpion costume from FiBourke

4. Open Dance Academy.

These video tutorials are all about movement on the pole. They are each about 2–5 minutes long and include content from Phoenix Kazree, Kira Noire, Maddie Sparkle and a dozen more amazing movers. You can buy all access passes for $299 or a trial version for $29.

Evgeny demoing one of the moves available on Open Dance Academy

5. Push and Pole.

OMG! So much adorable exploding off of one page. Push and pole is a small business that creates T-shirts, leggings, and other apparel from the illustrations created by designer Tiffany. Prices range between $28-$60.

Do you have other pole products that you love? Post in the comments to share your favorites!