Clean house, clean kids or a clean relationship.

Life can be messy. I either seem to have a clean house, clean kids or a clean relationship, but certainly not all three at once. How about you?

Clean house, ‘they’ say a clean house is a wasted life. Well, maybe those people can live in a mess but I can’t. I need to have things in some sort of order if I have any hope of focusing on other parts of my life. I am not talking crazy OCD stuff, but just getting the basics done. Working full time outside the home 10 hours a day causes something in my house to always be dirty. Bedrooms are messy, laundry needs scrubbing, there is grim in the bathroom and sticky spots all over the kitchen floor. I can accept that. However, I do need to keep my house at a certain ‘level’ of clean in order to focus and function elsewhere. For instance, I need the kitchen to be tidy and the dishes done before I sit down and relax. That is just how I work. That needs to get done.

Clean kids, hah! Who can keep their kids clean longer than 30 minutes after a bath. I spend over an hour bathing, scrubbing and grooming them and yet they still somehow get yogurt in their hair before bed. I value the time I get with my kids and maybe that is why bath time doesn’t happen every night. I would rather read a book to my 3 year old than spend that time brushing knots out and have her screaming the entire time. You gotta pick your battles, right? And now that it is summer time, clean is even harder to find. But once and a while, that bath needs to get done.

Clean relationship. Now this is a sticky one for most families I would assume. And how does this one somehow get pushed to the end. Maybe because you have the kids as a constant, steady and loud reminder that they come first. Then, you have the house calling your name — literally. Once you deal with the house, you look at your spouse and are exhausted. I am guessing most couples with small kids feel drained, like all the time. I know I do. So how do you find the time, and energy, for just you two? Our kid-less nights happen about 1 in every 267 days so we certainly embrace those days. But more importantly, its the small things that I find make the BIG difference. Like my hubby washing the dishes while I finally get my shower in so we can sit down together in the evening (as he knows I can’t relax until the dishes are done). Its the simple things that really speak volumes. Finding time together is so hard. Its so important. It needs to get done.

So how do you find a balancing act where you feel complete in all areas, yet not neglecting the other? That is the battle every day. Its a battle I hope to win everyday but sadly I don’t. That is where my strength comes into play…knowing I have tomorrow to do it again.

In closing, I wish you all the best with trying to find you balance. It is not an easy task.

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