How to deal with living in a One-sided Relationship?

“If the feelings are mutual, the efforts will be equal,” that is the crux of how relationships should be. But it is quite the opposite in one-sided relationships.

Signs Of Being In A One-Sided Relationship

The biggest sign of being in a one-sided relationship is the sad realization that you are putting in all the effort of being with them. But it all goes to waste as they never respond on time when you plan to go out and spend some good time with them. All the communication is taking place from your side and specifically without getting many replies. Another prominent sign is that they do not hesitate taking favours from you but neglect you when you call out for help. They will often say that they are busy or just tell you that you are expecting too much.

Another thing that often happens in a one-sided relationship is that your partner will always choose friends over you. Even if you address the problem, they might just ask you to stop nagging. You will feel the need to apologize unnecessarily for things you have not even done wrong. If you notice all this happening with you, then you can be sure that alas, you are in a one-sided relationship! There are a few ways in which you can fix this problem. We will share some ways to fix a one-sided relationship.

How To Fix A One-Sided Relationship?

#1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

The way to start is to know yourself how you feel about your partner. Get a clear picture in your head how you feel about being in a one-sided relationship. Whether it is the sad, angry, anxious, confused emotion, you need to judge. You need to find out whether you want to fix things with your lover or you want to break it off with them. The more you know how you feel, the better you will be able to explain it to another person. If you are not sure about your emotional state, then take some time and get in touch with your sentiments. Sit down and listen to your inner voice. Get a good understanding of what it says.

#2. Tell Your Partner How You Feel

We often feel upset because our partner fails to match up to our pace of giving to the relationship. There can always be reasons why the other is not able to put in equal effort. But that should not mean that you can take the burden upon yourself without saying a word. If you have felt hurt about something, you should let them know why you feel that way. If your partner truly cares for you, they will respond in a positive way and often make up for their shortcoming.

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