How to Work Less and Enjoy Life more?

Some people wake up at the crack of the dawn and consistently work till the witching hour, some get results, some don’t. A number of efforts we put in to decide the outcome but smartness in most cases has the last say. We are surrounded by enormous responsibilities and have to fulfill them in order to be successful, gain respect, earn money and what not. Less doesn’t always mean you have to taper off a number of endeavors, it also suggests something different from what others are doing in a better and clever way without exhausting yourself.

#1. Avoid Multitasking

People often multitask and are not able to give their best in anything. This happens due to a multiplicity of tasks. Handling various tasks at a time can make you inefficient and you get no results. Your attention is divided and every task is left unattended. Go for one task at a time, your energy will be saved and you won’t be tired.

#2. Get Your MED

MED is Minimum Effective Dose, though it is a medical term, yet it is something in which you get maximum results with minimum efforts. Choose subjects and tasks; in sleeping, eating, working, teaching, meetings, etc., and check for options which do not tire you out. For instance, if you are a teacher you can teach 3 classes with continuous breaks in between so that the entire process does not look tedious and hectic for you. You only achieve success when at peace. Workload only increases your stress and pressure thereby destroying your peace, which further leads to a negative impact on your productivity and outcome.

#3. Learn To Pause

Working, say in the region of ten to twelve hours, is downright exhausting. Grilling yourself for a long period of time at a stretch takes you nowhere. People must incorporate breaks within their schedule so that they are energized and focused on their tasks. If you cannot learn to stop doing things, you cannot reach where you want to. You have to stop doing something, be it anything, it is just about impossible to carry out multiple tasks at a time. Make a to-do list in which you can select the jobs you can easily do without carrying a burden with you. Scheduling things are perhaps the best thing to attain maximum results.

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