Glass Slipper

A vibrant city, rotating doors and a sense of feeling no one is watching. It is not surprising dating seems like shopping for a perfect pair of shoes to dance the endless nights away with.

The final touch to make an adventure a thrill.

As the rotating doors spin, so too do the bright possibilities of how these shoes could compliment your existing style and grace. Alike to the runway, so too are the characters, here today gone tomorrow, caught in the spin of ever changing seasons.

As the try before you buy quest begins, the choices bring smiles and humour with the thought of possibilities.

Caught in the lust at first sight, impulse purchases can leave a dent in the wallet and unwanted clutter in closet as they only last one wear.

When seasons change some would call summer flings much like Havaianas, they slip on as easy as they do off – a good time shoe that keeps your soles cool from the elements but provide no long term support.

Trusting friends introduce favourable brands and quality fittings for long distance runners. As model, cost and potential fits are compared, recommendations influence final decisions, sometimes working out for the long term.

The expression, it is never there when you are looking for it, is much like trying to find a perfect pair for a special occasion – impossible!

Although, when you least expect, it will be looking right back at you in the shop window, beautiful displayed and ready to compliment any occasion.

One day the glass slipper will fit and the pumpkin will remain a carriage.