Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for reading! Honestly I don’t think I got too much guidance about finances during my divorce. In CT you don’t actually need a lawyer and can self-represent. I did get a lawyer just because it was easier for me, but we had very little combined possessions (no children, no home, etc), so most of it was just the actual divorce procedure and a polite agreement to split possession to who had owned them originally (in most cases). It’s possible my lawyer did mention the joint accounts but I genuinely don’t recall it. I believe he was very “well this is amicable and simple so just split your possessions.” It didn’t help that I was in a bit of a fog at the time. I was also relatively young (the divorce went through a day before my 25th birthday) and was inexperienced in things like that.

I think overall I’d recommend that people definitely get lawyers but also, if possible, even have someone else helping you out. A friend or family member, etc. If only because divorce is so emotional for the people going through it that it would be inordinately helpful to have someone else there to help make sure you don’t forget things or miss steps while in that emotional haze.