Are College Degrees Worthless

I think it’s safe to say we all want our Doctors, lawyers, school teachers, barbers, nurses, ect to be educated and experience and reliable. So let’s put all of the ‘what about’ questions aside: well what about a surgeon don’t you want him/her to have gone to medical school before they operate on you?’ Yes of course I do, I’m not stupid, and I’m guessing you aren’t either. I’m talking about all the rest of degrees. Is there a point, or are degrees now days just worthless, money sucking, time wasting, pieces of paper?

Let’s have a quick history lesson.

  • In 1940 9.3% of the U.S population earned a 4 year degree.
  • In 1950 12.5% of the U.S population earned a 4 year degree.
  • In 1940 9.3% of the U.S population earned a 4 year degree.
  • In 1980 24.5% of the U.S population earned a 4 year degree.
  • In 1995 46.5% of the U.S population earned a 4 year degree.
  • In 1940 9.3% of the U.S population earned a 4 year degree.
  • In 2014 63.9% of the U.S population earned a 4 year degree.

More and more people are getting degrees, making them more common and less valuable. Many jobs that once only required a bachelors degree now require a Masters degree. But does there declining ‘value’ make degrees worthless?

I often hear the argument, college degrees makes people more creative and innovative, but I don’t think that’s the case for every one. Many people thrive in college, it is an environment that fosters inquiry and encourages students to be creative, determined, and problem solvers. Think of how many big companies were started by kids in college or recent college drop outs like: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs , Ralph Lauren, and Sir Richard Branson just to name a few. But, every one of those individuals either knew or learned how to problem solve, seek the information the needed, stay determined, and create. One of the greatest reasons to go to college is to be in an environment that constantly pushes you to challenge ‘why’ and discover for yourself, to be inquisitive, critically think, determination, hard work, lead, communicate and so many great qualities.

I earned my bachelors degree, while working full time and completing internships. Countless days I worked for 8–10 hours, then went to class for 3–4 hours, followed by an internship for 2 hours and homework for 2–4 hours,often leaving me with only 3 or 4 hours to sleep. I learned how to make impossible deadlines on no sleep. I learned how to time manage, critically think, problem solve, prioritize, sacrifice, and so many other life skills. Could I of learned these not in college, yes, but for me college environment encouraged me to grow and achieve things I wouldn’t have done with out it. But I worked, it wasn’t handed to me, I paid my way through with out debt pushing me to work harder, learn more and find better ways to get things done. I had room mates that there parents paid for school or/and had student loans, they were the ones out partying, they would plagiarize or try and cheat. A degree wasn’t a big deal, just something they were told they needed. If that is going to be your college experience, don’t go and save your parents the 80k+.

It all comes down to one question, what has worth to you? I value hard work, determination, sacrifice, commitment, critical thinking, communicating, negotiating, problem solving skills, oh and not to mention the economics and sociological information I learned. So for me I can not say degrees are worthless.

No, in fact I find education very important. I do believe that degrees are becoming ‘worthless’ in the means that just because you go to college doesn’t mean your going to have or deserve a job. A degree doesn’t entitle you anything. A degree doesn’t make you better than a self educated individual that’s done the work. My brothers and husband have spent hundreds of hours self educating learning and improving, equally as impressive as a degree in my mind. Hard work sacrifice, dedication, problem solving, endless knowledge and other life principles are what should count. If you can do that with out school, good for you, you are probably a self starter and very inquisitive and the world could use more people like you. So, those of you out there saying degrees are worthless, do us worthless graduates a favor and stop, we worked our asses off for that piece of paper and we don’t need you discrediting it! And same goes for you Bernie Sanders, don’t give degrees for free, millenials need to learn to work!

Thanks, rant over.

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