Everything about Ferguson was a lie and you teamed up with a lot of BLM members to facilitate anger…

Not everything about Ferguson was a lie. The entire justice system is opaque and we have to come to terms with that. If the government wants you dead, it’s not hard to do it and cover it up.

The biggest problem is that jobs have moved out of the area. Such is the case in Detroit, Flint, Anchorage, Cleveland, St Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc., have huge unemployment because we don’t have jobs there.

That’s likely a factor in why poor people have been oppressed by with excessive fines for revenue and then jails and fines more for non-payment.

But, if you were truthful, you would admit falling home valuations started WAY BEFORE August 9th, 2014.

I’m not saying I helped, but economic issues have created stress in your community and frankly people like you turned a blind eye to oppression that is indeed happening to poor and black people in that area.

I’ll apologize for harassing white people on Twitter for being racist. But to blame me for property prices falling, come on now. I’m not that powerful, honey.

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